No Halftime


One on one fantasy sports matchups


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No Halftime is a Fantasy League app designed to let you enjoy the thrill of the game with friends or by yourself and bet real money on your favorite players.

Pick the sports you’re interested in so you only get related results and browse through the different bets that tell you upfront the amount of money you have to play, how much you would earn and the rules of the game. Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will earn more points than Messi in Fantasy League? Who’s going to win the next tennis tournament?

Test your sports knowledge, have fun and earn some money with No Halftime. The app also includes a super simple and easy to use interface and a brief introductory guide that helps you start on the right foot.

Also, you can easily add funds to your account using Paypal, filter different bets depending on how much you want to spend and start enjoying the thrill of the game and its rewards.
By Erika Okumura
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